Vermont State Mathematics Coalition

Executive Board

Director: Jean McKenny
North Country UHS, Derby, VT, retired
Past president VCTM
Executive Director: Bob Chaffee
South Burlington High School, retired
Founder & Past President VCTM
Co-Director/Education: Mary Calder
St. Albans Town Educational Center, retired
Co-Director/Business: David Hathaway
IBM Corporation, retired
Fiscal Officer: Ken Gross
University of Vermont, retired
Secretary: Susan Ojala
University of Vermont
Summer Enrichment Institute
Co-Chair: Kevin Beard
University of Vermont
Co-Chair: Jeff Dinitz
University of Vermont
Education Policy
Co-chair: Barb Rippa
Pin Ridge School, reired
Talent Search
Co-Chair: Jean Ohlson
South Burlington High School
Co-Chair: Evan Dummit
Universtity of Rochester
Expanding Horizons
Chair: John Devino
Colchester High School &
Community College of Vermont, retired

Latest Update: January 27, 2017 by David Hathaway