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Using Math to Create Robots ... and Xenobots

Look around your house: how many computers do you see? Now look again: how many robots do you see? With the exception of maybe a Roomba vacuum cleaner, you probably don’t see any: It turns out that making computers is much easier than making robots. Why? We’ll explore this question by looking at some of the math that lies behind robots, computers and AI. We’ll also look at the math behind a brand new kind of robot — the xenobot — that was invented right here in Vermont, and is already revolutionizing the way we think about cleaning micro plastics from the oceans, or cancer cells from our arteries.

Here is picture of a xenobot

Josh Bongard

Professor Josh Bongard's research centers on evolutionary robotics, evolutionary computation and physical simulation. He runs the Morphology, Evolution & Cognition Laboratory, whose work focuses on the role that morphology and evolution play in cognition.

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