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Vermont Mathematics Parent Link

In 2005 the Vermont State Mathematics Coalition is launched a new list serve, or e-mail bulletin board, called Vermont Mathematics Parent Link. This site is designed to help parents obtain and exchange information useful in making decisions concerning their child's mathematics education.

Appropriate topics for the list serve might include questions about changes in the SAT, the traditional sequence of mathematics education vs the integrated approach, enrichment opportunities, or appropriate use of the calculator. It is not a place to complain or name specific individuals. The list serve is administered by David Hathaway, Executive Director of the Coalition, and all submissions will be approved by him so that members will not be bombarded with SPAM. The mailing list will not be sold or used for any other purposes.

Parents who wish to become a member of this list serve should send an e-mail message to with a one-line message body of sub vtmathpl First_Name Last_Name. To browse the mailing list archive, go to

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May 5, 2006