About the Talent Search

The Vermont State Mathematics Coalition has sponsored a statewide “Mathematics Talent Search Program” every year since 1993. The Talent Search is conducted in the following manner. Four times during the school year a set of challenging math problems are posted on this website. Topics covered on the tests are from arithmetic, Geometry, algebra, and pre-calculus. Copies of the test are given to interested students at each of the schools. The students have approximately four weeks to solve the problems and then each student submits his/her solutions to the director of the program for grading. If students are only able to solve one or two problems, they are still encouraged to submit their solutions. During the following two week period the tests are scored, statistics are gathered, results are returned to the students, and solutions and top scorers are posted on this website. At the end of the year the top students in the state are given prizes and are honored at a Coalition dinner along with their parents. High school-aged winners are also provided full scholarships to attend the week-long summer Governor’s Institute in Mathematical Sciences in residence at the University of Vermont. And top scorers in the state are invited to participate at the American Regions Math League championship held at Penn State, as members of the Vermont Math All Stars.