The Vermont State Mathematics Coalition is constituted to bring together

  • members of the education community, including K-12 and higher education teachers, school administrators, and developers of public education policy;
  • members of the business community, including mathematical scientists and business representatives; and
  • parents and students

for the purpose of providing a statewide forum for addressing issues in mathematics and mathematics education, from kindergarten through graduate education. The Coalition aspires to

  • improve the achievement in, appreciation of, and comfort with mathematics of Vermont students;
  • increase interest in mathematics and opportunities for mathematics enrichment activities for gifted school children;
  • increase public understanding of the importance of mathematics and of mathematics education;
  • provide opportunities for adults to improve their understanding of mathematics and mathematics education, both in support of their children’s education and for their personal growth;
  • increase awareness of the importance of mathematics and mathematics education to the economic well-being of Vermont;
  • act as an agent to provide independent counsel to state organizations on issues of statewide importance related to mathematics and mathematics education; and
  • do all of the above in a way that enhances cooperation, communication, and understanding between the education community, the business community, technical professionals, parents, and students.

The Coalition will be a resource throughout Vermont for schools, parents, businesses, and government. In particular the Coalition will

  • actively support imaginative programs for students and educators that will encourage students to stay in school, to take as much mathematics as possible, and to pursue careers in the mathematics, science, engineering, and mathematics and science education; and
  • coordinate with similar groups in other states.

In general, as a coalition of diverse partners with a common interest in the performance of our schools, this organization intends to create in Vermont significant and lasting improvements in mathematics education and a wider appreciation of mathematics.